SACHIN KAMBOJ, Head of Operations

Sachin is Legacy Apps smooth operator; he ensures all project management processes are running efficiently and smoothly by maintaining cohesiveness across all departments. He also helps build and foster Legacy Apps’s creative & innovative culture.

He's an exceptional full-stack developer, and understands all aspects of our company.
He's a multidisciplinary leader wearing multiple hats. His role encompasses a range of responsibilities including operations, communications, and resource planning. Sachin works closely with the leadership team to develop highly effective business processes and production mechanisms that span the creative and development teams. In addition to overseeing internal systems, Sachin helps manage and motivate staff members and cultivate an exceptional working environment.

From delivering projects by himself, to directing large teams of creatives and developers; Sachin is the man! When he's not focused on improving Legacy Apps efficiency, Sachin can be found spending time with his family or enjoying a game of cricket.


  • Favourite Beer: Heineken

  • Lives and breathes cricket