We specialise in high-end mobile application design and development - whether it's executed natively, as a hybrid / web-app - it all comes down to budget, timeline and future development to decide which is the best fit.

Our work with some of the largest brands and early stage startups will inspire & help you regardless of your idea stage/business. Get in touch - we love giving advice.


iOS: Compared to Android: iOS offers higher revenue and greater retention of users. If your app depends on early revenue or targets westernised countries, iOS is favourable.


ANDROID: Compared to iOS, Android is the most common with just over 1 billion users. It’s revenue is quickly catching up and has a very bright future. If your app depends on getting reaching critical mass of users quickly - Android is favourable.

Web Apps

WEB APPS: Gmail is a great example of a web app. It’s like a program that runs on your internet browser without having to install anything. If your idea has desktop users, a web app is the perfect solution.

Game Development

GAME DEVELOPMENT: Gamification is one of the best ways to keep users engaged and coming back for more. If your users need to be highly engaged, this is the perfect solution.


WEARABLES: Compared to larger devices, wearables offer a faster, bite sized interactions with your app. If your app depends on small and regular interactions with your users, a wearable application is the perfect solution.